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Seven Ways to Prepare Your Home for Showing

A white and brown kitchen sink

When you have less than an hour to spruce up your home for potential buyers, a couple of quick-fixes can make your interiors more presentable. Here’s a look at the top seven.

Wipe down the furniture

For a clean and tidy look, quickly wipe down your television screen and computer monitor. Also, dust the top of the fireplace mantle. Ideally, you should have had your carpet professionally cleaned if has accumulated pet or cigarette odors.

Don’t skip the mop-ups and clean-offs

Give the kitchen, bathroom and entry way a mini mop-up, focusing on the visible spots. Expect potential buyers to spend considerable time examining the kitchen. Clean the countertops and give dirty appliances a rub with a warm, soapy cloth.

Clear the clutter

Clutter will hide the beauty and appealing features of your home. The messiness will also make an unfavorable impression on visitors. Remove the piles of shoes from the entry way, the knick knacks off your kitchen counters, and the heap of mail from the coffee table.

Make the beds

Nothing like an unkempt bed to turn off visitors on a tour of your property. Make all the beds in your room. If the bed covers are torn or really dirty, replace them with clean ones.

Keep the lights on

Open the windows to let natural light inside. Turn on the table lamps in dimly-lit areas. The brightness will make the interiors look bigger and more welcoming.

Empty the garbage cans

The sight of garbage is another put-off. Make sure all the trash cans in your home are empty. If they’re emitting an odor, a quick disinfectant spray should take care of the issue. Ideally, the trash cans should be newly lined without any odor; this will prevent germ build-up and keep your house smelling clean.

Put the toilet seat down

This is self-explanatory, but surprisingly enough, a common house showing faux pax. Do a quick round of the bathrooms in your house to check if the seats are down, and keep cringe-worthy moments at bay!

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