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What is Infill Housing?

Infill homes are often built on lots that had an older house on them which is common in established areas where the lot has a high value but the existing house itself does not. Infill homes can also be built on previously vacant lots that have been split off from another larger lot or rezoned for residential use by the city. This is common in areas where there are double lots that can be split up (subdivided) and the newly divided lots can accommodate two skinny houses or a duplex. A skinny home is a longer more narrow home often built two at a time on a subdivided lot. One large lot is usually split into two lots with each having a skinny home built on it.

The City of Edmonton is promoting home builders and home owners to build infill homes with relaxed regulations and easier rezoning processes. This is very desirable for people interested in owning a new home but also having an excellent, central location in the Cities core neighbourhoods and within close proximity of the river valley.


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Purchasing an infill lot is a very competitive market as you are going up against other builders and investors that are very motivated to find their next project! Our team farms popular infill neighborhoods in an attempt to find off market lot purchases for our builders and investors. We also go the extra step of monitoring all new and active listings to The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton MLS® System as soon as they hit the market, our builders and investors often get to see these deals before anyone else!

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