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Residential Real Estate Sales and Marketing

The müve team offers a complete solution to new project sales and marketing for developers looking to sell small, medium or large scale projects. It’s very important to partner with a sales team that has extreme focus on community relations, market knowledge, marketing strategies and most importantly, results! Here’s what the müve team can offer to your next project.

Market Research

Our extensive knowledge of the local market boasts well for our developers trusting their project to us. Not only is it important to know what a project will cost to take from start to finish or what a project will sell for, we also have to know what the City needs from a project in a given location.

The powerful relationships we have with other industry professionals from Real Estate Sales, Construction Companies, Developers, Architects and many other industries outside of our scope such as Hospitality and the Finance sector give us a more boots on the ground style to advising our clients on their next project.

Ongoing research on the market around the project will help to keep our team prepared for market shifts and keep us steps ahead of the competition.

Progressive Marketing

Marketing continues to change every day as technology advances and the power of online platforms and social media take more control in a decision makers mind. For that reason it is important that we partner with top level marketing companies to manage all aspects of digital marketing, brand conception and execution, and marketing material creation.

While marketing has evolved it is important that we stay true to the original marketing, face to face connections and events geared towards spreading the word about the project. Connecting with local influencers, the databases of everyone involved in the project and the local community around the project will get us the results we need.

Sell Out

At the end of the day the most important part of any project is the turnover time and profitability while building a successful development we can all be proud of. In most cases, projects can be very sales driven and that’s why it’s important to not only sell but sell out and quickly!

Our sales team continues to grow every day through ongoing interactions with customers and weekly trainings three times a week. Continuing to learn only makes our sales stronger for our clients.

We deploy proven sales practices along with new sales approaches to try and engage with all potential customers. There’s power in print sales material, video messaging and everything in between. Ask us about our 15 days of pain sales technique!

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