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Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Although the news is rife with stories about how bad the real estate market is, buyers are taking advantage of the market more than ever. Here are a few tips for you if you are planning to sell your house.


  1. Audit the online marketing of your agent – Most of the millennial homebuyers tend to start house hunting online, and they will never come to check out your place if the online listing is not compelling, and by compelling, we mean pictures. According to a recent study, listings that have more than 6 pictures are twice as likely to be checked out by potential buyers.
  2. Post a video on YouTube about your home – Get yourself a FlipCam and go through your house and neighborhood. Use it as a chance to tell the prospective buyers about the best bits, what your family loves about the house the most, your favorite coffee shop or bakery that you frequent on weekends, and more. Buyers like to know that the home is well loved, and it helps them visualize having a great life there.
  3. Take the help of your neighbors – Send a link to your home’s online listing to all your neighbors. Also, invite them to an open house, and turn it into a block party of sorts. This provides an excellent opportunity for the neighbors to inform the prospective buyers about your house, and invite house hunters who want to live in that area.
  4. Beat your competition with the condition of your house – In most of the markets, the competition consists of short sales and low-priced foreclosures. As a homeowner, you can give serious competition by showcasing your house in an impeccable condition. Have a termite inspection done and get as many repairs done as possible, it is a big selling point if you can advertise a non-existent or very low pest repair bill. Also, ensure that the scratches and nicks, the wonky handles, and the doorknobs that do not work are repaired before you start showing your home to prospective buyers.
  5. Stage the exteriors too – Immaculate landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and outdoor furniture for a Sunday brunch will elevate your house’s appeal. Potential buyers often fantasize about spending time enjoying in their backyards. So, make sure that it looks the part.

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