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The most eco-friendly building materials

Using green materials, renewable materials and recycled materials is very popular among home builders today. As green technology develops at a rapid pace, the list of available green materials continues to become cheaper and we develop better ways to harness these materials. So what are the most eco-friendly materials available to man today?




One of the most eco-friendly and versatile materials known, bamboo is a strong composite material. It has an impressive compressive strength and its tensile strength matches that of steel. Bamboo has to be treated before being used for construction and it has the advantage of growing quickly and rapidly. It is an efficient reinforcement for concrete. It’s also widely available around the globe so quantity is never an issue.




Hemp is without a doubt the most versatile eco-friendly building material known to man. Hempcrete, made using a hemp and lime mixture, has numerous advantages over traditional concrete. Hemp is, unfortunately, illegal in most parts of the world due to its close relation to marijuana but as the world slowly understands the benefits of the plant, its usage increases. It has a negative carbon dioxide footprint and it improves the air quality of homes. It’s only a matter of time before hempcrete becomes as popular as concrete.


Recycled steel/metal


Recycling metal is an incredibly easy process and saves tremendous amounts of money on sourcing new materials. Steel is one the most durable materials known to man and is highly earthquake-resistant. Recycling steel saves a lot of energy that would be required to produce new steel and it reduces the amount of steel waste that is either dumped in landfills or in the sea.




Teak is one of the most durable forms of wood and it is one of the most popular furniture building tools in the world, especially in Asia. Teak is highly resistant to rotting and extremely strong. However, teak does not grow everywhere and it can be hard to source if it doesn’t grow in a particular area or country.


Understand your needs properly before you decide on what materials you use. There is a wide range of eco-friendly materials and it is possible, and cost-efficient, to build a completely green house.

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