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Shipping Container Homes a Hit in Edmonton

As far as Edmonton is concerned, laneway housing is a fairly new idea. However, with city laws being changed, there has been a boost in the market for these structures. As a result, a local startup has leveraged the opportunity to introduce, for the first time, suites made out of shipping containers.


The company, called Honomobo, has collaborated with BigSteelBox Structures from Kelowna, B.C. to create these structures. BigSteelBox modifies shipping containers for the oil industry, turning them into office spaces and rooms.

The idea is a revolutionary one that just might become a norm. Considering the new updates in city bylaws, which include an increase in structure height and less stringent location regulations, home buyers can now hope to own their own garden or garage suites.


The steel container homes manufactured by Honomobo go all the way from 200 square feet to 1200 square feet. They are also quite affordable, with prices starting from 99,000 dollars.


Locals were given a preview of the steel container structures just a few months ago at Churchill Square.  The model displayed was called the HO3 model, measuring 528 square feet. The total structure comprises of 3 shipping containers.  Inside, visitors were presented with a private bedroom, floor to ceiling windows, and a kitchen. HO3 is said to be Honomobo’s best-selling model so far.


The event saw around 400 visitors eager to get a good look at the radically styled home. According to Honomobo co-founder, Daniel Engelman, sales have been good for the shipping container homes. The startup has managed to sell around 8 units since the official launch.


Honomobo’s homes cost almost as much as a standard garage suite. However, the advantage is that the time scales are shorter. A Honomobo home can be set up on-site in less than a month, with factory schedules lasting no more than 10 weeks.


Currently, there is a total of 6-floor plans on offer. Customized installations have still not been considered by the company. In fact, Engelman states that they prefer to avoid customization in order to keep the prices low.

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