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Preparing Your Property for Sale in a Soft Market

When it comes to selling a home, we all know the basic preparations required, which includes cleaning, depersonalizing and de-cluttering. These things just need to be done if you want to make sure your house fetches a decent value.


Also, they help stir up a positive emotional reaction, which is great for sales. Like it or not, emotions play a key role in executing the sale of a property. Evoke the right emotions and you have a sale on your hand. The logic and rationale usually come in much later, but, by then, the buyer has usually made up his/her mind.


That’s why preparation matters.


However, preparing the house can seem like a tough and confusing task. In fact, it almost always is. One of your worst enemies in this scenario is familiarity. You’re too used to living within that space, which causes you to stop noticing obvious issues. But, to a fresh pair of eyes, those “small” issues are apparent.

So, what do you do to make sure that this doesn’t happen? Well, here are a few tips to help you out.


Develop an eye for detail


For buyers, everything matters; from the amount of light coming into the size of the windows.  So, make sure you pay attention to smallest of issues. For instance, if there’s a minor plumbing problem, get it fixed. It may be minor to you, but, it isn’t for the buyer, who is obviously planning to spend a significant amount of money to buy your old house.


As someone who once purchased a house yourself, you should be able to see from the buyer’s perspective.


Are there dark spaces in your house? Get some lighting fixed there immediately, especially considering that dark spaces get darker during winters.


The point is to inspect every nook and corner to weed out even the slightest issues that might affect your chances of selling.


Get professional help


You can’t handle everything by yourself and selling a house is something that definitely requires professional help. So, hire the right people to help you out. First off, you’ll need a realtor. A realtor can help you get the right price for your home.


Additionally, hire a photography/videography team to showcase your property. A little professional marketing will definitely go a long way in helping you secure the ideal price.

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