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How Upgrading the Insulation of Your Home Can Impact Its Resale Value Positively?

Why do you need to consider improving the insulation of your home?


Do you know that energy efficiency and insulation are important factors for determining the resale value of your home? In colder regions of Canada and the U.S., insulation or lack thereof could be one of the most important factors as heating is one of the major components of the annual energy bill for an average family and drafts, air leaks, worn out caulking, old weatherstrips, old chimneys, old ducts can all contribute to an increase in energy bill by letting out the air that you are paying to heat. The same is true for the warmer months when air conditioners are on.


Upgrading the insulation of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply upgrade the old caulkings, wooden strips behind the windows, change the putty used in single glass pane windows, seal the gaps in the threshold beneath the doors, ducts, cracks in the attic door, in the basement of your home, look for and seal the gaps behind electrical boxes and seal gaps in chimneys once a year before the winter sets in.


Get an energy audit of your home done by a licensed inspector. The value of a home without proper insulation depreciates quickly. All these faults would get noted and reported during home inspection prior to a sale and can adversely impact the valuation. It will also reduce your utility bill in a big way. In short, insulating your home and making it more energy efficient is one of the most important home upgrades that you can do.


Turn your home into a smart home


Apart from insulating your home, try to install a smart thermostat, switch to LED lights, use an energy efficient HVAC machine, use an energy efficient hot water system, plant trees around the perimeter of your home strategically so that they provide shades, use blinds and keep them down after the dusk to trap the heat and leave an energy efficient footprint for the length and breadth of your home.


An energy efficient home is highly appreciated and valued. These upgrades will not only improve your own living standard but also improve the value of your property and give you an upper hand when it comes down to bargaining. Hence, implement these energy efficiency best practices today and get rewarded during resale. 

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