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How to Sell Your Home Quickly and for a Premium Value

Are you worried that your home is not selling despite it being a seller’s market? Are you worried that something may be fundamentally wrong with your approach that is leading to delay or failure to get an offer matching your asking price?


Is Edmonton in for another year of sluggish growth?


Edmonton real estate market, although fairly stable, despite a long period of economic downturn and falling market prices following a steady decline in the oil prices, is now feeling the pinch too. 2016 wasn’t a particularly easy market too for the real estate agents and sellers. Buyers may become even more fastidious and cautious in a choppy market and this could lead to a further buildup of inventory and excess capacity.


If you are trying to sell your home, you should implement the following ideas to ensure that your home has a higher chance of sell.


Some ideas that just might help you


  1. Price your home right: It is important for a home seller to know the exact ‘value’ of their home. For that, they have to understand the market situation using data and statistics relevant to that particular market. The broader, macroeconomic factors could also play a role. Talk to property listing agents and try to get hold of historical records of the average sale price for a home of your size, and your neighborhood in the season you are trying to sell. Find out about the ‘exact valuation’ of your property and then make informal inquiries to find out how much a buyer is expected to bid in order to buy your home. Base your asking price on facts rather than your own fancies.
  2. Make all the fixes and repairs: Prior to putting your house up for sell, make all the fundamental repairs, even though you can leave out the cosmetic ones. To add an incentive, you can offer to make one or two cosmetic updates as per the choice of the buyer like replacing your old carpet on the foyer or remodeling the kitchen.
  3. Take good photos and market your home the right way: Firstly, to make your home attractive, you need to compare your offer with others selling homes in the same category in terms of size, neighborhood, and so on. You can’t make an offer that provides less than other sellers in the market. Next, in order to make your home marketable, use the services of professional photographers who can take great pictures which can be put on the marketing channels. Visual elements add a lot of value to your pitch and the number of queries may see a high jump. List your home with the right agents and also publish the ads online, offline as well as local listing websites.


If these ideas don’t help you get the right price for your home or get it sold quickly, consult a professional property evaluator or an agent. A little bit more in-depth analysis may be required to identify and remove the particular irritants that your potential buyers find off-putting. But generally speaking, these ideas will get you home sold!

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