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    How to Pick a Theme While Decorating your Home

    Now that you’ve renovated your home, perhaps it’s time to redecorate it as well. Changing the entire panorama of your home can be slightly challenging. Your primary focus will be the living room and kitchen, but the bedrooms and bathrooms are not to be ignored. And everywhere you look, people are choosing themes for their home décor. So, how does one settle down on one theme?

    First things first, you need some ideas to work with. Look online for pictures of rooms with different colors, floors, furniture, storage options, and wallpaper. Set aside pictures that catch your eye regarding a specific aspect such as furniture or wallpaper. Once you have enough pictures that capture all aspects, spread them out on a table or hang them on your wall using tape. You’ll notice that all these pictures have something in common, whether it is color, fabric, or furniture. You can use this information as the base of your theme.

    Another easy way to choose a theme is to keep some color palettes in mind. Colors can change the look of a room in an instant and they play a major role when you’re setting a theme. Choose rich colors and deeper tones for larger rooms as they can make smaller rooms look like they have shrunk in size. There are countless palettes you can choose from. If you’re someone who loves earthy tones, then choose browns, deep reds or maroons, and dark greens. If you love summer colors, then yellows, orange, and light greens are your way to go. With colors, you can experiment with any item possible – cushions, art works, furniture, table accessories, wallpaper, paint, etc.

    You could also base your theme around a particular possession you treasure the most, such as your grandfather piano, an antique table, an heirloom leather couch, or even a painting. These pieces can be the focal point of your new theme and you can base your décor around them. Before you dive head-first into redecorating your home, make sure you have a budget set and never compromise on comfort. Mix your creativity and preferences with comfort so that you feel welcome at your own home.

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