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How can You Incorporate Classic Decor Ideas in Your Home?

Achieving a balance between classical and modern elements in a home can be a painstaking and often challenging task. Setting a budget and sticking to it can also get problematic as quality materials for classical designs can often cost a bomb.


Marble mantels


A marble mantel offers an incredible combination of timelessness and breathtaking beauty. If it is the focal point of a room or a living room area, it will command the attention of everyone and offer a spotlight for stylistic self.


A neutral background


You should avoid overloading your home with colors that are too blingy or flashy as they diminish the attention that the other details of your home receive. You can use classic colors such as navy blue, black, dark green, and so on in such a way that they blend in well with the background. You can also use wall paintings to achieve this. Neutral colors will accentuate your home without overpowering other design elements. Ideally, the colors you choose should blend in with the colors of your furniture and other decorative items.


Vintage crystal chandeliers


Having vintage crystal chandeliers is akin to making a grand statement about your home. It can be used to develop a sense of traditional hospitality and warmth, and you do not need to install chandeliers that are massive. For people who have lesser space to work with, there exist a wide variety of sizes that you can choose from. A chandelier that matches the room it’s in can completely modify the outlook of your home.


Functional, sensible design


Don’t overload your home with detail and colors just because you can. Create a sense of functionality to match the classical look. Portions need to be appropriately sized and rooms shouldn’t appear to be overcrowded or stuffed. Sizing of furniture, wall art, lighting, and so on, is crucial as you need to ensure that you have the perfect fit for a particular region of your home. Timeless, streamlined design will provide your home with a sense of simple elegance. Sometimes, less is more based on the architecture of a particular space in your home.

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