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Fun Housing Facts for Potential Homeowners

You are young and want to start investing in real estate as early as possible. This is not unusual as many young people think of transforming their first house as an investment option. On the other hand, there are many people who already have a house and think of buying additional properties as an investment tool.

It is good to start early since when people are young, their existing lifestyle may allow them to curtail expenses in a manner that is not possible at a later stage as the obligations grow. If a person learns ways of managing his or her finances well, saving cash for paying off the down payment is not difficult.

Check out some of these interesting and fun housing facts that will come handy if you are a potential homeowner.

A majority of homeowners usually spend approximately 6 years in their homes.
On an average, a kitchen remodeling project costs about $4,400 but can bring an ROI of around 90 percent.
On an average, the cost of a bathroom remodeling project comes to around $ 20,500. However, it offers an ROI of around 102 percent.
About 13 percent of the owned homes are up for sale by their owners.
There is a company in Japan which has innovated an earthquake proofing system for residential purposes. It can raise a house to a height of about 3 cm from its foundation by applying air pressure. If there is an earthquake, its compressors get activated. This forces a great volume of air right under the house. The said home will remain lifted as long as the earthquake continues. When the earthquake ends, it is placed back gently on the foundation.
Many real estate agents opine that price is the major reason why many houses do not get sold easily.
When you use brass knobs in your house, they can disinfect themselves on their own. The metal has ions that create a toxic impact on viruses, fungi, and several other germs. Infections are eliminated within a time period of 8 hours.

Always make informed decisions while buying a home!

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