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    • Edmonton’s Historic Buena Vista Building Demolished to Make Way for a New High-Rise

    Edmonton’s Historic Buena Vista Building Demolished to Make Way for a New High-Rise

    The Buena Vista building which stood proudly as a city landmark for a hundred and four years on the corner of 124 Street and 102 Avenue has been torn down on September 16th this year to make way for a new 25 story residential complex which will also integrate commercial space on the main floor.


    Residents and community members believe while the developments are sad, old have to make way for new ultimately to maintain a steady pace of progress. There were a few complaints initially when the work of building a new residential building called The MacLaren which would replace the historic structure was handed over to a Vancouver-based construction company called Edgar Development Corporation in 2014 but now the people have accepted that the Buena Vista Apartments, which is an architectural marvel on the outside is facing a plethora of issues on the inside and probability that it can become hazardous for the residents and businesses is slowly dawning on most.


    A classic building past its prime?


    The Buena Vista building, which had once housed popular restaurants, eateries and local businesses like Café Deville, the Glenora Bed & Breakfast, and The Glenora Bistro among others, had over the years been in contravention of many of the rules of the City Building Code.


    It was facing plumbing, heating and electrical issues and had gradually become less livable for the residents and dangerous for those outside. Although it was a constant fight for the last few years to keep it up to date with the latest Building Codes and other safety arrangements, many of the businesses and residents of the Buena Vista had invested thousands of dollars till they realized the difficulty of maintaining a critical care patient with multiple organ failures on life support. It was a continuous struggle against time.


    Plans to restore the soul of the old building in the new structure


    Edgar Development Corporation has revealed its plans to incorporate the architecture of the old building in its new residential complex. The commercial space on the main floor will also closely resemble the old but will support a modern lifestyle with the latest amenities.


    The copy will use as many bricks from the old building in the façade of the new 22,500 square feet MacLaren to preserve as much of the Buena Vista as possible.


    The developer has promised to deliver a world-class building which will be perfect for living and commercial activities and preserve the glory of the prime location on 124 Street.

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