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Eco-friendly home improvement ideas

Home improvement is necessary for any homeowner. More and more people are now concerned with the type of footprint they are leaving behind when they embark on a project of some sort. Considering the environment is very good and responsible especially in light of global warming and climate change. There are literally a billion eco-friendly and sustainable ways by which you can improve your home.


Hemp is the way forward


Hemp is probably the versatile crop known to us. Hempcrete made from hemp has a negative CO2 footprint and it can be made sturdier than concrete. Hemp can be used to to make furniture, clothes, fuel, ropes, cosmetics, car windows, and a range of other products.


Hemp grows really fast, so it is more sustainable for our environment than most other crops. You can create 100% biodegradable bioplastics from hemp than can completely replace plastics.


LED Lighting


LED lights are far more sustainable than traditional CFLs and incandescents as they last longer and they contain fewer toxic chemicals. They also offer a far greater range of colors that can really illuminate your home. The initial investment may be high, but their longevity will pay for them over time. They are also far more energy efficient than other types of lighting.


Don’t dispose, but reuse


Reusing what you already have is one of the best ways to drive down your footprint and save money. You can re-purpose your existing curtains, table cloths, bottles etc. in order to create new decorations. For example, you can draw or paint on old glass bottles and use them as wall hangings. You can stitch some ol;d clothes together and create a new curtain or table cloth. You can repurpose old furniture by breaking it down and creating new items.


Ultimately, you have a lot of options if you want to go eco-friendly. You can use sustainable materials, reuse materials, insulate more efficiently, and even buy pre-owned materials. And the best part? You can do nearly everything on your own and you won’t need to shell out thousands of dollars.

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