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Eco-Friendly Home Décor Tips

Chances are that if you have been planning on redecorating your home, you are likely to have considered the possibility of decorating your home in an eco-friendly fashion. Eco-friendly ways of doing things are all the rage in the 21st century but the sheer amount of eco-friendly techniques available is enough to make your head spin. So how exactly can your introduce eco-friendly décor in your home?


Reuse existing materials


Nothing screams eco-friendly like generating lesser waste. See if there are any ways by which you can repurpose your existing curtains, tablecloths, bottles, and so on, in order to create new decorations. For example, you can design old glass bottles and use them as wall hangings. You can stitch a bunch of hold clothes together and create a new curtain or table cloth. You could also take your old furniture and break it down. You can repurpose old furniture in a wide variety of ways.


Use hemp


Hemp is one the most versatile eco-friendly materials that are known to man. You can use hemp as hempcrete as a replacement for concrete, and hempcrete has a negative CO2 footprint. You can also use hemp to make bioplastics which are 100% biodegradable. Curtains, tablecloths and even paint can be derived from hemp. Hemp also has the advantage of being one of the fastest growing plants.


Hemp fiber is also extremely durable and strong. You can use to build furniture as well. If you can’t use hemp, you can use wool, cork, bamboo, and beech wood in its place.


LED lighting


If you are planning on replacing lights or using lighting as décor, make judicious use of LEDs. LEDs are much more environmentally friendly than CFLs and incandescents and have a much longer lifetime. LEDs offer a much wider range colors than the competition. LEDs will have a higher initial cost but do not let this sway you. LEDs will repay themselves over time, thanks to savings on energy consumption and longer lifetimes when compared to CFLs and incandescents.


Ultimately, you have a lot of options if you want to go eco-friendly. Choosing the right blend of materials to fit your needs will be the main challenge. Remember that you are making a big difference to carbon footprint levels by going eco-friendly.


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