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Do-it-Yourself Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your home by yourself will save you a lot of money and should provide you a greater degree of satisfaction of the final product. Investing a little time and money into simple home improvement can completely transform the look of your home. So what improvements to your home can you make by yourself?


Bottle decorations


Old, glass bottles have surged in popularity as a decorative tool in recent years. You can paint glass bottles and you can use them as wall art, a place to keep lights, and simple shelf décor. They are inexpensive and they look fantastic, especially when the lights are dimmed.


Pendant lights


You could set bowls to illuminate your dining table or even accessorize your shelf. You could also hang them over your cooking area to have a funky feel. And the best part? You can make them in an hour!


Fun wall art


Bare walls are boring. You could fill up bare walls with posters or you could go over to the photo shop and get quality, digitally enlarged stills. You can use small strips of wood to make a frame or you could just stick the stills on the wall. You could also screw in a small hanging bookshelf if you love books.


Mix and match


Mixing and moving chairs instead of having a set is a decent idea. It would give your home a unique look. If you are planning on painting, use a combination of lively colors to brighten the house. Most homes have only a shade of paint for a particular area and this can be very dreary. Just ensure that you don’t use too many unsuitable colors!


Mix modern and antique furniture


Antique and retro furniture can greatly improve a home’s aesthetic quality. Suppose you have a modern sofa set, a set of chairs, and coffee table, you could probably incorporate an antique dining table to increase the wow factor of your home. Combining antique furniture with super modern furniture is also an excellent idea. You should decide the type of furniture you’ll need based on the space available to you.

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