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Creative Remodeling Ideas for your Home

Are you looking for hacks that will jazz up your home? We have a few ideas, and dare you to get through this post without calling the contractor.


  1. Bi-level living room – You can have two separate levels in your living room and deck the sunken area with furniture to form a conversation pit.
  2. Attic pillow room – You can put a few comfortable roll-up beds and pillows in the attic nook along with a television set and use the area for movie nights.
  3. Books under the stairs – Turn the space under the stairs into a book shelf and display your books and creative redesign to your house guests. You can also have a small private reading area under the stairs.
  4. Dog kennel under the stairs – You can use the hollow area under the stairs to fashion a kennel for Fido.
  5. Double drawer dishwasher – You can have two dishwashers instead of one. One can be used for loading while the other washes the dishes.
  6. Guesthouse or treehouse – If you are thinking of remodeling your house on a large scale, then you can ask the contractor to tack on a guesthouse or a treehouse. It costs much less than you think.
  7. Artist’s shed in the garden – If you have a wooden cabin in your garden, you can add big glass windows to it to let in more light and turn it into a little painter’s shed.
  8. In-wall pest control – You can install a pest-tube along the walls. This makes it much easier for the pest control person. All he/she has to do is spray stuff into one of the ends to keep the rodents and the insects away.
  9. Baseboard drawers – You can add these to the kitchen and the bathroom to maximize the space that you have.
  10. Hidden room – Although this sounds like something you would come across in a Batman movie, it is quite simple. All you have to do is add a bookcase to a door and you have you own hidden room.
  11. Magnetic walls – There are many companies that make magnetic panels strong enough to hang anything on the walls, including TVs and shelves.

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