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Budget Friendly Interior Design Tips

Interior design can often be hard to do on a shoestring budget but with the right planning, you can give your home a complete makeover without breaking the bank. However, to save costs, you’ll need to go the DIY route for numerous aspects such as painting, installing cabinets, and assembling new furniture among other items.

Repurposing for the win!

Repurposing your old design elements will allow you to transform the look of your home and save money for other expenditures. Old clothes, carpeting, kitchen cabinets, tiles etc can be repurposed with some grease, hard work, and investment. You can use old clothes to create a new carpet or curtains or table cloths, and you can refurbish your old cabinets to give them a new shine. You could break down some old furniture and use it to construct a tree house, a bookshelf, or anything you desire. You will be able to find tons of DIY guides on YouTube and other sites.

Salvage or shop second hand

Go to various local thrift stores and determine the quality of the inventory available. Find out who can give you the best deals for the elements you desire. Shop online for freecycle ventures and comb through flea markets to snag the best deal. Also, chances are that your local salvage yard has tons of valuable material that have been discarded, and you may be able to pick up all the requisite materials for free. Inspect every item you pick up for structural quality as it is possible to find the best possible craftsmanship in salvage yards and thrift stores. Visit every garage sale in your area to shop for possible valuables.

Hire a student designer

If you need to end up hiring a designer, you should ideally be hiring a student designer as they are looking for experience and will be willing to work for lower rates. They may even work for free if you promise to give them a good recommendation and it can be an internship of sorts. You can place an ad in a nearby design school to attract interested parties and interview a bunch of students to see whose design style is closely associated with your own. This can be a win-win situation for both parties.

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