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Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Buying & Selling Simultaneously

Don’t make these mistakes when buying and selling homes simultaneously.

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Many people choose to sell their current home and buy the next one at the same time, but it’s often a complicated process. To avoid any extra problems, here are four mistakes you want to avoid when buying and selling homes simultaneously:

1. Waiting too long to prep the home for sale. Fix up minor paint scratches, broken decking, and damaged bathroom grout. Don’t wait until the last minute to start the process!

2. Buying too big. If you fail to go through the pre-approval process, you won’t know exactly what you can (and can’t) afford.


Don’t wait until the last minute to start the process.


3. Failing to compromise. You’re not the only one in a stressful situation. If someone needs to adjust a date, renegotiate their conditions, or make any other changes, it’s best to work together and make compromises.

4. Using two different agents. If you’re juggling both a buyer’s agent and a listing agent, things can get messy. Simplify the process by using one agent instead. If you’re moving out of the city, your listing agent should be able to help you find a reputable buyer’s agent in your new location.

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