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    Are these Spring Home Renovation Ideas Worth Your Money and Time?

    Spring is the season for socializing, getting ready for barbecues in the summer and is usually felt by a sudden increase in outdoor activities. There is one more thing. After a long, dull winter, many homeowners like to spend some money and time on making renovations, facelifts and sometimes even restructure their home. While some are necessary, most are cosmetic in nature.


    If money were no issue, you could have refurbished and revamped your entire home as per your choice. However, money is a constraint for many, and many of these renovations don’t add resale value or the price isn’t justified since they don’t last long and have to be redone or replaced again. Hence, making upgrades as per the return is the smartest thing to do.


    Some useful spring home renovation ideas


    1. Inspecting and replacing sidings, shingles, fascia and soffits: As soon as you smell spring in the air, start inspecting your home from all angles. The sidings, the roof gutter, shingles, soffits and the fascia are the worst affected parts of your house since these take the full brunt of a harsh winter. But, rather than replacing all the sidings or shingles, it makes sense to change only those that have cracked, warped, bent or rotted. Also, apply a fresh coat of paint if you like. Inspect caulking used to fit different detachable parts of your home and see whether they need to be replaced. Check the window caulks among others, and replace caulks wherever necessary. Replacements and repaints offer a much better price reward ratio and are a DIY project. Also, for indoor renovations, rather than bathing your entire home in a new hue, focus on those areas that you spend the most time in.
    2. Replacing the worn out carpets: Many like to replace the worn out carpets every four to five years. However, different people have different choices and tastes. If feel is all you care about, use a good, luxurious padding material under your relatively affordable carpet. If you simply want a new look, you can try self-adhesive carpet tiles, which, however, won’t offer the same rich, textured feel. But, spending thousands of dollars on a carpet is not worth it!


    There are many other spring home improvement ideas, however, much depends on your expectations. Repaving your driveway completely, repainting every inch and corner of your home, changing the design layout and garden landscape or restructuring the deck may all seem to be necessary investments after a harsh winter, but may not justify the price tag if you are considering financial returns. However, if you are looking for an improved experience, go for it! The call is yours.

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