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3 Reasons You Should Sell in the Fall

Are you thinking about selling your home? There are three reasons why now is a great time to do it.

Thinking of buying a home? Get a Full Home Search
Thinking of selling a home?  Get a Free Home Valuation

Here are the three reasons that explain why the fall is such a great time to sell your home.

First, buyers are more serious. During the spring and summer, buyers tend to be a lot more curious. In fall, however, they tend to be more serious for a number of reasons (a job relocation, wanting to buy before the holiday season, etc.). Also, there’s a good chance they’re fed up with having searched for a home all throughout the spring and summer and they want to buy now. In other words, fall buyers make up in dedication what they lack in numbers.


Fall buyers make up in dedication what they lack in numbers.


Second, there’s less competition. It’s no secret that most homes are listed in the spring and summer. However, most of the homes that aren’t sold get de-listed as they become stale and draw less attention. When you list a new home in the fall, you have the benefit of standing out and facing less competition than you would during the hotter seasons.

Finally, it’s easier to move up. If you want to buy a new home, fall might be your best opportunity. You’ll enter the market with more confidence and less stress, while many sellers who didn’t get their homes sold in the summer will be more eager to sell. This can make for very flexible negotiations that can work in your favor.

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