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Shay-Lynn Homeniuk

Shay’s passion for real estate started at a very young age. As a kid, she would pretend to sell her friends homes that she found online. In the background she would always have HGTV playing to keep her creative mind going. Born and raised in Parkland County, Shay has a special place in her heart for the country but once she started attending NAIT for Interior Design, she quickly fell in love with the beauty that Edmonton has to offer. Shay is now living her dreams and helping her clients live theirs! With every step of the way Shay strives to provide value, expertise, and support while building a genuine friendship.

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Since 2017, Müve Team has been representing buyers and sellers all throughout the Edmonton area. Established by top-producing agents John Rota and Nik Jankovic, from the very beginning, we have been raising the bar for what it means to provide first-rate service to our clients. The Müve Team provides exceptional training to our new and seasoned agents, and helps to build some of the strongest agents in the city with our proven tools, systems and strategies.

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