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Mani Dhindsa

I was born and raised in the south side of Edmonton, Alberta. I am an only child but I grew up around tons of friends and family. Family is super important to me and a huge value in my life. Another thing I value and desire in life is to help people and our community, which is what led me to becoming a realtor. I had a huge passion for interior design and architect in my early years and would spend my free time driving around the neighbourhoods and estates of Edmonton admiring and analyzing the properties. I come from a background of healthcare so I understand how important it is making connections with people and getting to genuinely know them so you can meet their needs and make a difference in their lives. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life and if you have the right help and people on your side, the process will be a much smoother ride.

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Since 2017, Müve Team has been representing buyers and sellers all throughout the Edmonton area. Established by top-producing agents John Rota and Nik Jankovic, from the very beginning, we have been raising the bar for what it means to provide first-rate service to our clients. The Müve Team provides exceptional training to our new and seasoned agents, and helps to build some of the strongest agents in the city with our proven tools, systems and strategies.

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