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    Akash Mehta

    M: 780-982-9747

    Akash Mehta was born and raised in Edmonton and grew up in an entrepreneurial household. He furthered his education in Business Management with a major in Finance at Concordia University of Alberta. Akash puts a heavy emphasis on customer service and combines his financial background experience in helping his clients execute the right purchase. Akash strongly believes in building long lasting relationships and continually focus on his own personal development to better serve his clients.

    Get to know Akash a little better…

    What is your favourite TV Show?
    Friends. All time classic for me and the show is timeless. Watched every episode like a million times and still get a laugh from it. Sopranos is up there as well for me.

    What’s your favourite restaurant?
    A pretty basic choice but Earls. Their happy hour can’t be beat.

    What is your favourite hobby?
    Sports in general but mainly hockey. Played hockey growing up as a kid, nothing compares to it for me personally.

    What do you love about Edmonton?
    There is a lot to choose from and not sure if this counts but I love the Oilers. I’m a die-hard fan, unfortunately. I always tell myself I won’t invest as much time or effort into them but the new season rolls around and I’m back to being so emotionally invested, I just can’t help it anymore.

    Who is your childhood hero?
    My mom and dad. Cheesy answer but I love my parents a lot, they sacrificed a lot for me growing up and taught me everything I know. I have been blessed to have such supportive parents and hope I can be as half as good as they are.

    Awards & Designations

    B. MGT - Finance

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